The Search Ranking test now supports locations, meaning you can test your search ranking from a specific place in the world.

Previously the ‘Search Ranking‘ test asked you for the search engine websites that you wanted to test, e.g.,, etc. Google recently made this impossible with a recent update that largely ignored the search engine, and which instead relied upon your geographic location.

Following this update, Google gives different search results based on the precise geographic location of the person requesting them. This means if you were based in San Fransisco, you would likely get very different results to those based in New York.

Insites will automatically update your settings to use rough locations with this update. However, we recommend you set more specific locations to get more accurate results. You can set locations for this test by clicking Settings > Search ranking settings.

We’ve also expanded the Search ranking test to include a breakdown of your rankings by geographic location.

Other changes

  • Metadata test now provides a URL to make PDF exports easier to work with and identify pages at fault. This test also now has a friendly mobile view for the “Pages” tab.
  • We now provide the ‘Headings‘ test for those that require a list of all the headings on a website and want to be warned if no H1 tag is present.

As always, you can see what we’re working on next on our public roadmap.