Two significant changes for today – an all new test, and significant improvements to an old one.

New Prohibited Content test

The new Prohibited Content test checks for the use of specific text that you wish to avoid. By default it looks for offensive text, such as swear words and ethnic slurs, but you can configure it to look for any text you wish. You can also instruct this test to recommend substitute content, where appropriate.

As part of your quality checks, this test can help you:

  • Identify compromised content, e.g. hacked pages or offensive user comments.
  • Keep your language consistent, e.g. avoid the use of incorrect brand names (e.g. “Silktide” instead of “silk tide” or “SilkTide”).
  • Identify out-of-date content, such as retired product names, or departed staff members

Revised Broken links test

Based on extensive user feedback, we’ve updated the broken links test to be easier to understand and use.

There’s now a single table listing all broken links, with their page on the left and the link on the right. An explanation of the broken link is included for each. Clicking on the View button opens the affected page in the Inspector.

You can now filter your links by internal and external, by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the title of the table.

Getting these updates

These updates are free to all Insites customers. The next time you run your reports you should see these improvements automatically.

If you don’t have the new Prohibited Content test, it will be because your account is configured with a custom report. Contact us and we’ll be happy to add this test for you.