Today our all new GDPR test is now available to our Monitor customers, along with two other tests and a wide range of improvements.

New GDPR test

The new GDPR test is designed to help websites comply with new GDPR regulations. This replaces the EU Privacy Directive test.

The test includes 16 separate checks, which cover a wide range of technical, security, and policy concerns for any website aiming to be GDPR compliant.

New Best practice test

Most customers will now have access to a new Best practice test, which replaces the Server behavior, Analytics and Favicons tests.

Best practices covers 13 technical best practices, including the use of SSL, cookies, redirections, analytics and Favicons.

New Faults test

Most customers will now have access to a new Faults test, which replaces the Missing files, Broken pages and JavaScript errors tests.

Faults covers 6 specific technical faults, including pages which fail to load, missing images and JavaScript errors.

Other improvements

  • The Popularity test has been rewritten with an improved user interface and more information
  • The Mobile test (formerly called Mobile layout) now allows users to ignore specific issues and pages.