Three updates for today:

Grammar test

We’ve made significant improvements to our grammar checking engine, which should result in fewer false errors. In line with the Spelling test, we’ve also made all of our approval and ignore actions more consistent.

The default setting for our new engine is designed for modern language, and is more tolerant than before (e.g., we no longer insist on a comma in “likewise, for example”). If you prefer a more conservative grammar check, you can enable this under Settings > Test settings.

Spelling test

The Spelling test has been simplified to no longer use Potential issues. Our research showed that the vast majority of users were either not aware of the different between potential and confirmed spelling errors, or found it got in their way.

We’ve also added support for different languages to be specified for different pages, so you can explicitly test a given page in a given language (previously, you could only set languages for all of your pages at once). This is an experimental Enterprise-only feature – if you’d like to enable it, get in touch.

Mobile Layout test

This test now identifies pages which are borderline-compatible with mobile, in particular pages which have some illegible text, but not enough to consider the page broken.