Create your own custom checks

Silktide Monitor now allows you to create policies – custom checks for your website that you can design yourself. Policies can help you find almost anything, from brand consistency to technical standards: We also provide a “policy library” of common policies for you to add to your website: Some examples of how you might use […]

Improved spelling, broken links, grammar and more

We’ve made a range of improvements to the user interface for our most common areas, including spelling, broken links and grammar. Clearer spelling errors Silktide now highlight individual characters within a spelling error, so you can more clearly see where any errors appear: One-click review In the top-right of many screens, we now show a […]

Three new WCAG checks

Silktide now performs three additional WCAG checks, which cover areas you previously could only test manually. Ensure controls change appearance when they are selected Covers WCAG 2.0 AA 2.4.7 If a user is browsing via their keyboard they should see whatever is selected on screen. For example, on the BBC News website, the currently selected […]

New links screen

You can now view a list of every link in your website, and see what pages any chosen link appears on. This new screen can be found inside Information > Links. Under the Links tab you can see each link, together with its HTTP code (if it has one – broken links might not). You […]

Improved broken links check

We’ve rolled out a wide range of improvements to the broken links test today: Broken links are now classified Links are now classified by how certain we are that they are broken, with the most definitive broken links appearing first: Definitely broken links includes links to impossible web addresses, and to special-use addresses that won’t […]

Improved spell check

We’ve rolled out a wide range of improvements to the spelling test today: Spellings are now classified Unrecognized spellings are now classified by their severity, with the most obvious spelling errors appearing first: Potential spelling errors include unrecognized words which look like a person or company’s name. Incorrect case highlights words which appear to be […]

Improved user interface

We’ve made a wide range of refinements to make Silktide easier to use. These affect all new and past reports immediately. Summary screens now include trend graphs, for example: Scores now include a text explanation below them, like “Very good”: We’ve added helpful videos to many of our actions, including most of accessibility. These explain […]

Search website content

All Silktide Monitor customers can now search the content and code of their website. You’ll find this feature inside Content > Search: You can choose to search for Text or HTML code, and to find results in Desktop or Mobile pages using the drop-down menus. This screen will be added automatically when your website is […]

9 million words added to spelling dictionary

As part of our mission to making our spelling checker as easy-to-use as possible, we’ve added over 9 million new words to our dictionary. The English language only has around 170,000 words, so you may be wondering how this is possible. The problem is, what appears in a traditional dictionary only covers a tiny portion […]

Big changes for website monitors

We didn’t just change our name today – we’ve rolled out a tonne of new features for all our Silktide Monitor customers. Introducing actions and lessons Every test now comes with a prioritized list of actions you should complete to increase your score. You can even see how much you’ll get from each action: Actions […]

“Insites” is now “Silktide”

As of today we’re simplifying our name. As the core product that we make, “Silktide Insites” was becoming a mouthful; it’s now just “Silktide”. We’ve broken what Silktide can do down into three options. You’ll already be using one of these, but now they have descriptive names to help us tell them apart: Monitor – […]

Introducing archives of old reports

We’ve added the ability to view archives of your old reports to all users. To select an old report, click on the clock icon at the top of a report: Snapshots contain the results from a test at the time it was run. They do not contain an archive of all of the pages tested, […]

Improved Backlinks test

We’ve rolled out an improved Backlinks test for all customers today. Improvements include: Simplified layout with ability to drill down into detail List of most significant sites linking to your website List of most popular text linking to your website List of your pages which are linked to the most Larger sites (1000+ pages) can […]

New GDPR test and much more

Today our all new GDPR test is now available to our Monitor customers, along with two other tests and a wide range of improvements. New GDPR test The new GDPR test is designed to help websites comply with new GDPR regulations. This replaces the EU Privacy Directive test. The test includes 16 separate checks, which cover […]

All-new Accessibility test

Today we’re pleased to reveal our new Accessibility test, which covers WCAG 2.0 A, AA and AAA. This test has been rebuilt from scratch on our all new Silktide engine, making it far more comprehensive, flexible and easier to use. In the coming months, all of our tests will be moved to this engine. Some […]

Social tests removed

As of 2nd July 2018, the following tests have been removed from Silktide: Facebook Twitter Social sharing Facebook’s recently updated their APIs to prohibit access to nearly all of the data these tests relied upon. This is largely a result of backlash from the data harvested by Cambridge Analytica, and new GDPR privacy legislation. Regrettably […]

Search Ranking now location and language aware

The Search Ranking test now supports locations, meaning you can test your search ranking from a specific place in the world. Previously the ‘Search Ranking‘ test asked you for the search engine websites that you wanted to test, e.g.,, etc. Google recently made this impossible with a recent update that largely ignored the search […]

Analytics no longer affected by website testing

Until now, testing a website with Insites could impact your analytics, causing you to have more visitors than you really did. This is no longer the case. Because we use real browsers, most analytics tools are unable to tell us apart from your real visitors. Preventing this is difficult, as Insites also needed to see […]

Google now ignores domain in search results

Google has changed their search to ignore which Google domain you search from. So and, for example, no longer search for results in France and the UK. Results now rely entirely on the location of the person who is searching. So if you are in London and search for Pizza, you will always […]

Improvements to spell checking

We’ve made a number of small but useful improvements to the spelling test. Smarter suggestions Previously, spelling suggestions were not aware of newer words like “Facebook” or “iPhone” – they could only suggest words core to the language, like you might find in a dictionary. Silktide can now make suggestions for these new words: Suggestions […]

Introducing report sharing, a new look and more

Silktide users can now share reports with people who don’t have a user account. Simply click the new “Share” button at the top of a report and copy the provided link. A user with a share link will be able to view that report, but won’t be able to modify it in any way – […]

See changes to your results over time

You can now see when a result is changing over time, for example if your spelling errors have recently gone up or down. Shown beside key results, you’ll now see either an up arrow, a down arrow, or a grey bar. The grey bar indicates the result has not changed. The color of the change […]

Remove tests from your reports

One of our most requested features is now here: the ability to remove a test from a report. You can do this for individual reports, or for all of your reports at once. Exclude tests from a report View the desired report Click Settings > Website settings Click Enabled tests Check or uncheck the boxes […]

Regular email updates on the state of your websites

As of today, users of Silktide will receive email updates when their websites are retested. These updates highlight key changes to the website – such as new problems, or pages – and draw attention to particularly urgent actions you should consider for the website. By default, you will receive one of these emails when any […]

Massive update: new tests, design and much more

Today is a particularly large update, with three new tests, an all new interface design and a tonne of other extras. Let’s get started. Fast approve and ignore One of our most requested features is here: the ability to approve and ignore issues right from your test screens. For example, for the Spelling test, you can […]