Analytics test

This test was replaced with the Best practice test in October 2018.

What is it?

This test checks whether a website uses analytics, and if so, which analytics solutions it uses.

Why it matters

Analytics allows you to measure the behavior of your users, and is instrumental in measuring and optimizing the success of your website. This test helps ensure that analytics is installed on every page of you site.

How to use it

Insites lists any detected and missing analytics solutions in a table.

For each row, you can click on:

  • Analytics – clicking on the name of the analytics solution will take you to the official website for that analytics, wherever possible
  • Number of pages – this will show you a list of all of the pages with this analytics solution.

If no analytics are found, a row for the missing analytics will be displayed. Clicking on the number of pages for that will show you pages that are missing analytics.