This screen shows when your website is online or not (this is known as your “uptime”). You can tell Silktide to check multiple pages for uptime and alert you when they are not.

Where do I specify a mobile number to alert?

When creating or editing your uptime monitor, you should add a user and ensure the box labelled Text message is selected.

Once this has been selected, the user must edit their own profile to add a mobile number to alert. This can be done by clicking the small circle icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the tool and selecting My settings.

You will be asked for a mobile number, as shown below. The mobile number requires a country code to be added in order to work. If you are in the UK, this is +44 and in the US this is +1.

Do you notify me if the website comes back online?

Yes, an email and text message (if configured) will be sent to notify when the website comes back online.

How do I stop sending alerts to someone?

In the settings for your Uptime monitor, select What to notify” tab and press the Delete button to stop someone being alerted.

How can I see the status of each request made?

If you go into your website within the tool, select Uptime in the left-hand navigation and then click on the row for the monitor you wish to see. This will show you each individual request made, and the response received.

My Uptime monitor says the website is offline, but it is online. Why is this?

Various factors could cause this, for example, your firewall could be blocking us or you are having DNS issues which allows some people to view the website and others not to. In any case, reach out to your account manager or the customer success team and we will look to resolve this issue.

When are alerts triggered?

An alert is triggered if a change in website status has been detected.

If the uptime monitor does not receive a successful response from the server, the monitor will alert you. Likewise if the monitor was offline and has now come back online.

In addition to this, if your website takes longer than the maximum seconds specified to check, it will be classed as offline and this is the same if the content specified in “Page must contain HTML” checkbox cannot be found in the response.

How often do you send out alerts?

If your uptime monitor detects a change in status, an alert will be sent. If the website continuously goes offline and online, it will only send out 1 alert every 30 minutes until this has been resolved.

How often do you check the website is online?

We check your uptime monitor every 5 minutes.