Currently this test is only available to customers on request. Please contact us if you’re interested in this test.

This test allows you to ask manual questions about every page within a website. It is ideal for manual checks that require human judgment, such as “is the meaning of this page clear?”

How to configure your survey

Currently this test must be configured by Silktide. Please contact us if you’d like this test adding to any of your websites. We’ll need a list of Yes / No questions, where Yes is considered good, and No can prompt for an optional comment.

How to fill in a survey

View the test, and scroll down to the list of pages with unanswered questions:

Click on the Answer button next to a page to answer questions about that page. You can also search for a page if you wish.

This will open the Inspector and present any unanswered questions for you to answer. Click on the Yes or No button for each question, and then click Next page to advance to the next page when you’re done.

How to view the results of a survey

View the test, and click on the Answers tab at the top. You will be shown a summary like so:

  • You can see every question that was asked (in the above example, “Does this page look good?”) and the total number of answers to that question.
  • Clicking on a page count – e.g. the number of Yes answers to a question – will show the pages with that answer.
  • The table at the bottom lists every single answer to every single question.
  • You can export either of these tables.