This screen shows confirmed and potential spelling errors found in this website. It looks at words in both the visible text of your website, and in other areas that people may only see indirectly, such as page titles, drop-down menus and alternative text.

Spelling errors

Why it matters

Poor spelling leaves a negative impression of your website, can make your content harder to understand.

How to use it

You can browse between three tabs:

  1. Misspellings – words that are believed to be incorrectly spelled
  2. Potential misspellings – words that were not found in a dictionary, and which may be misspelled
  3. Approved spellings – words which were previously in one of the other two tabs, but which were manually approved as correct

Below the tabs is a table listing the words, suggested corrections to the words, and the number of occurrences of that word.

Table of spelling errors

For each word, you can click on:

  • Magnifying glass – this opens the Inspector, which shows you where the word appears on a page.
  • Approve – this will add the word to your dictionary for the current site. Other websites are unaffected.
  • Google logo (‘G’) – this will Google for the word, which is useful for checking spellings you’re not sure about.

If you open the Inspector, you will see the unrecognized word highlighted on a specific page:

Spelling Inspector

Here you have additional options if you click the drop-down arrow next to the other buttons:

Expanded spelling menu

You can choose to ignore this spelling for the current page. This is handy if you have a word that is misspelled intentionally, and you still want it to count as an error if it appears elsewhere.

You can also ignore this spelling for all pages, which is like Approve, except the word is not learned as “correct”, but just ignored.

Finally you can choose to ignore all spellings on this page, which can be handy for pages containing a lot of purposely misspelled words.

Handling multiple languages

If you are seeing lots of unrecognized words from other languages in your spelling test, you should add those languages to your settings for the website. Click on Change languages at the bottom of your report:

Language selector

Silktide spell checks using the combination of the languages you specify. So if you mark a website as in English and German, then spellings from both of those languages are considered acceptable.

Understanding invisible spelling errors

Silktide may find spelling errors in parts of your page that are not visible. See invisible text.

Which languages are supported?

  • Afrikaans – South Africa (af-ZA)
  • Akan – Ghana (ak-GH)
  • Bulgarian – Bulgaria (bg-BG)
  • Catalan – Spain (ca-ES)
  • Czech – Czech Republic (cs-CZ)
  • Danish – Denmark (da-DK)
  • Dutch – Netherlands (nl-NL)
  • English – Australia (en-AU)
  • English – New Zealand (en-NZ)
  • English – South Africa (en-ZA)
  • English – United Kingdom (en-GB)
  • English – United States (en-US)
  • French – France (fr-FR)
  • German – Austria (de-AT)
  • German – Germany (de-DE)
  • Greek – Greece (el-GR)
  • Hebrew – Israel (he-IL)
  • Hindi – India (hi-IN)
  • Irish – Ireland (ga-IE)
  • Italian – Italy (it-IT)
  • Polish – Poland (pl-PL)
  • Portuguese – Brazil (pt-BR)
  • Portuguese – Portugal (pt-PT)
  • Romanian – Romania (ro-RO)
  • Russian – Russia (ru-RU)
  • Slovak – Slovakia (sk-SK)
  • Slovenian – Slovenia (sl-SI)
  • Spanish – Argentina (es-AR)
  • Spanish – Bolivia (es-BO)
  • Spanish – Chile (es-CL)
  • Spanish – Colombia (es-CO)
  • Spanish – Costa Rica (es-CR)
  • Spanish – Cuba (es-CU)
  • Spanish – Dominican Republic (es-DO)
  • Spanish – Ecuador (es-EC)
  • Spanish – El Salvador (es-SV)
  • Spanish – Guatemala (es-GT)
  • Spanish – Honduras (es-HN)
  • Spanish – Nicaragua (es-NI)
  • Spanish – Panama (es-PA)
  • Spanish – Paraguay (es-PY)
  • Spanish – Peru (es-PE)
  • Spanish – Puerto Rico (es-PR)
  • Spanish – Spain (es-ES)
  • Spanish – Uruguay (es-UY)
  • Spanish – Venezuela (es-VE)
  • Swahili – Kenya (sw-KE)
  • Swedish – Sweden (sv-SE)
  • Welsh – United Kingdom (cy-GB)