Suggested workflow

How you use the Silktide platform to resolve website issues will depend on your role and permissions.

If you’re a content editor, an example workflow might look something like this:

  1. Find your website report inside Silktide.
  2. Navigate to the Spelling or Grammar screens inside the Content module.
  3. Find the issue you’d like to fix from the list of issues.
  4. Open the page inside the visual inspector by clicking on the inspector icon (magnifying glass) beside the issue.
  5. Use the visual inspector to find the issue on the page.
  6. Open the page editor in your CMS to fix the issue.
  7. Once the issue has been resolved in your CMS, return to Silktide and click ‘Retest’ inside the inspector.
  8. If the issue has been successfully resolved, you should see the issue disappear from the list in Silktide and your Content score will be automatically updated to reflect this.

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