The SEO fundamentals test is part of the Silktide Snapshot report.

What is it?

This test checks how well core SEO fundamentals are implemented for this website. Fundamentals apply to all websites, regardless of what keywords they are optimizing for.

Why it matters

A significant part of effective SEO is covered by these fundamental rules, which are usually easy to implement, but often overlooked.

What is covered

SEO fundamentals checks for:

  • Missing title – pages must have a title defined
  • Duplicate title – pages must have unique titles*
  • Missing meta description – pages must have a meta description
  • Duplicate meta description – pages must have unique meta descriptions*
  • Long meta description – pages with a meta description that is too long
  • Empty headings – headings (H1, H2 etc) that contain no text, including alternative text
  • Heading hierarchy/structure
  • Missing alternative text – images with no alternative text
  • Weak alternative text – images with alternative text that is not descriptive or useful
  • Empty anchor text – links should always contain some text, e.g. alternative text
  • Generic anchor text – links should avoid using generic anchor text, e.g. “Read more”, or specify a unique title attribute where this is necessary
  • Long anchor text – links should not contain overly long anchor text (over 60 characters)
  • Duplicated pages