Metadata test

What is it?

This test checks for essential metadata that this website should use. Metadata is information about this page, which is used outside of this page, particularly by search engines and social networks.

Why it matters

The metadata that this test looks for is displayed prominently by search engines and social networks:

  • Titles are displayed as the blue title text in search engines, and as the title of a page when shared on Facebook. A poor quality title is less likely to be clicked on: compare “ExampleCo – News – Man Bites Dog” with “Man Bites Dog”.
  • Descriptions are generally displayed below titles. They are less important but do contribute to the likely click-through rate of a given page.
  • Images are featured by social networks like Facebook prominently. Omitting an image makes a post far less likely to be featured in Facebook’s feed, and if it is shared, a more compelling image makes it more likely to be clicked on.

Generally missing or poor quality metadata will impair your effectiveness in SEO and social marketing.

How to use it

Insites checks your metadata against a series of rules, such as “Pages must define an image”. If any of these rules are broken, they are listed as a table:

For each rule, you can click on:

  • Magnifying glass – this opens the Inspector, which shows you an example page where this issue occurs.
  • Ignore – this will ignore this rule. Only use if you’re certain the rule does not apply to you.
  • Number of pages – this will show you a list of all of the pages breaking this rule.