Silktide offer four paid products: Monitor, Snapshot, Builder, and Prospect. If you’re not sure which you’re using, you’ve come to the right place.

Monitor, Snapshot and Builder

All of these tools have a distinctive blue sidebar, like so:

To identify which you’re using, look at the grey text just above the report’s title:

This will either say “Website monitor” (for Silktide Monitor), “Snapshot report” (for Silktide Snapshot), or “Builder report” (for Silktide Builder).


Prospect can be heavily customized, but by default comes with a distinctive yellow and dark grey color scheme. The navigation appears in a single strip at the top of the page.

Something else?

If the above doesn’t describe what you’re looking for, you might be thinking of one of these:

These are created by Silktide, but as they are free products we don’t provide support for them.