How to retest specific pages


You can choose to retest any specific pages in your website as often as you like. By default, Silktide will test your whole website for you every 5 days.

If you are regularly retesting your website, you may want to consider integrating with your CMS to test pages automatically when they are published.

Who can retest

You must have contributor or higher permissions for a website to retest it.

How to retest

  1. View the website you want to retest.
  2. Click Retest in the top-right of the screen. If the Retest option is greyed out, the website is already being tested.
  3. Click Specific pages.
  4. Enter the URLs of the specific pages you want to test in the box provided, one on each line.
  5. Click the Retest button to start retesting.

You can continue to use Silktide in the meantime, and results will be updated as they are gathered.

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