To optimize your site for given keywords, you first need to choose what to target. Silktide can measure your performance for given keywords.

Tips for choosing keywords

  • A keyword is actually a complete phrase of text which will be searched for, so you don’t need to limit yourself to one word.
  • Consider how contested any given keyword is, by simply performing a Google search and checking the number of results that return. Consider whether you have any realistic chance of ranking highly against the top websites. For example, most websites will have little chance of ranking in the top ten for the keyword “news”.
  • Consider that most users will actually adopt more specific terms where lots of results are returned. Instead of targeting a keyword like “news”, consider a more specific variation, such as “London news” or “construction news”.
  • Evaluate whether a given keyword will likely have a return on investment. The free Google Keyword Tool can estimate traffic for a given keyword and indicate trends in keyword popularity.