Exclude parts of a page

Many tests offer the ability to exclude parts of a page. For example, you might want to avoid spell checking the comments left by your users, which always appear in a part of all of your blog pages.

How to exclude parts of a page

To do this, you need to be familiar with CSS selectors. A CSS selector is a common way of defining part of a webpage, e.g. .example would match all of the areas of a page inside a class of example.

Insites provides support for basic CSS selectors, such as:

  • .class – match the class called class
  • #id – match the ID called id
  • tag – match the tag called tag

At this time, you cannot use more complex nested selectors, such as tag.class. You can however combine multiple selectors with commas, e.g. pre, code, .code is valid.

To exclude a given CSS selector:

  • View the desired test.
  • Click Settings and then [Test name] settings (e.g. Spelling settings, or Broken link settings).

  • Add your CSS selector inside the box Ignore inside CSS selector.
  • Click Save.
  • Re-test the website for your changes to take effect.