How long does a website take to test?

As a very general rule of thumb, you need around 60-90 minutes to test 1,000 webpages. This is a guideline and not a guarantee.

There is no way to know for sure how long testing a website will take until you test your website for real. A large number of factors impact testing speed:

  • How many connections a website can accept simultaneously. Some websites need to tested more slowly or they will prevent testing altogether.
  • How long individual webpages take to load on both desktop and mobile devices. Larger and more complex pages take longer to test.
  • Whether a complex login is being tested. Sites with complex login generally take much longer to test, as Silktide must continuously log back into your site while testing it.

Silktide distributes the testing of your website over hundreds of computers. Usually when a website is slow to test, it is because of the website, and not because of Silktide’s infrastructure.

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