You need to be a creator or owner to add new websites.

Click the red Add website button to start adding a new site. You only need to add a website once. In future, you will simply re-test the website you added.

Depending on your account, you’ll be asked a few questions:

  • Type of report. Some customers may have different types of report, and be asked to choose which one they want. Where applicable, you’ll also be shown how many of that type of report you have remaining.
  • Web address. e.g. Silktide will automatically expand the web address you provide to include common variations (SSL and non-SSL, with and without “www.” at the start). The whole domain you enter is tested, not just the specific page you type in (e.g. entering will test all of You can change these settings later if that’s a problem.
  • Languages used. You must tell Silktide what languages a website uses for it to be tested accurately. For example, if your site contains a mixture of French and English, Silktide will use this to correctly check your spelling and grammar. Note that there are often different versions of a language, e.g. US English and UK English, and the incorrect setting will result in incorrect test results. You can type in this box to search for languages.
  • Max pages. Some customers will be asked the maximum number of pages they wish to test. For most customers, this option is not shown.
  • Automatically re-run. Where supported, you can optionally choose to re-run the report on a fixed schedule, e.g. every week. This will use up one of you reports if available; if you are out of reports the scheduled report will not run. You can change your schedule at any time. You can also set a default schedule for new websites under Account settings.

Depending on the type of website you add, you may be asked follow up questions about the website, such as what keywords you wish to test (see how to choose keywords) or for a username and password (see testing password protected websites).