Scores are numeric ratings ranging from 0 to 100, and appear for most tests. They aim to summarize how good or bad the website is doing for test as briefly as possible, providing a quick comparison between websites.

This is an example score of 80 for the Grammar test:

How scores are calculated

The score for each test is calculated differently, but they adhere to several broad principles:

  • Scores use a weighted average of whatever the test covers. For example, some percentage of the Facebook score is awarded for having a Facebook page, with extra weighting for the number of followers and for the frequency of posting.
  • Most scores are logarithmic. This means that it may be relatively easy to get from a score of 0 – 50, and much harder to get from 50 – 75, or 75 – 85. This is particularly important for marketing tests, where moving from 0 followers to 100 followers is more important that moving from 300,000 followers to 300,100.

The precise weightings for each test vary slightly over time, as we are continually refining them based on the changing nature of the web.

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