Outgoing links test

What is it?

This test lists all of the links from this website to other websites – so-called “outgoing links”.

What it matters

Outgoing links can be an asset or a source of embarrassment:

  • Linking to appropriate high-quality websites can seen by search engines as a sign of quality, and aid your SEO.
  • Linking to low-quality or spam websites can harm your SEO significantly.
  • Cross-linking between websites you own can aid your SEO and your user experience.
  • Linking to particularly bad websites – even accidentally – such as pornographic or criminal sites, can injure your SEO and your brand.

Sometimes a website that you linked to years ago can change ownership and be redirected to something nefarious.

How to use it

This test shows screenshots of the websites that this website links to, with the most linked to shown first. The number of links to that website is shown underneath each screenshot.

You can click on the number of pages to see the specific pages linking to that site, if you wish.

Under the Pages tab you can see every outgoing link for every page in your website. You may wish to search this table or export it to a spreadsheet.