Step 9 – Integrations

Silktide supports integration with a wide range of Content Management Systems.

What does CMS integration do?

Integration is two-way, and makes Silktide faster and easier to use:

  1. Click a button in Silktide to edit a page in your CMS.
    This saves you having to find the affected page in your CMS to fix a problem.
  2. Publishing in your CMS automatically updates Silktide.
    Avoid waiting for a scheduled report, or manually testing the affected page in Silktide. If alerts are configured, you’ll receive an alert of any new problems almost immediately after they occur.

What are the security risks?

The Silktide integrations are lightweight and can be reviewed before installing by your security teams. They do not bypass any of your security measures (e.g. your login walls), and the use of the “Edit” button in Silktide simply redirects the user to the page in your CMS to update the content. If the user is not already logged in with a session in the browser, they’ll be asked to login again as your CMS usually would if someone tried to access a page that requires authentication. None of this information is tracked, or stored in the Silktide Platform.

Is your CMS supported?

See supported CMS integrations.

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