Step 4 – Sections

If you have a large website and want to divide it into separate reports, Sections are what you need.

When you first add a website, the Sections settings area will have a table with one row, where it will display whatever you named your site in step 1, with “(this whole website),” and information on the number of pages and documents found.

Sections act very similarly to the full website report, with separate rules for included pages, permissions, search campaigns, and uptime alerts.

Adding a new section

This will be reminiscent of when you were first adding the site.

The Section will require a name. Optionally you can define a homepage on this screen and add tags. The rest is the same as it would be for any site you were adding to the platform, so it is best to go back to the adding a website overview for more detailed information on the settings for Sections.

Section rules

Once you’ve added a section, you can further define the pages that are included in a section by opening the new report and going to Settings > What we test.

From this screen you can configure additional rules based on URL paths, regular expressions, or other advanced rules.

Advanced rules

In addition to using URL paths to define the pages included in a section report, you can also set up advanced rules.

You can use the advanced rule builder to include pages based on:

  • Email addresses inside the content
  • HTML tag(s) in the source code
  • Images found on the page
  • Language(s) used on the page
  • Links
  • Page title
  • Page type
  • Resources used
  • Text content
  • URL structure
  • XPath selector

You can combine rules to be as specific as you need.

Hiding a section

The ‘hide’ button will remove any section of the website from view for all users. This works for all sections, including the overall website report. This could be used if you were only interested in the sections and not the overall report.

Go back to Adding a website overview or move on to Step 5 – SEO.

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