October 13th 2021

Introducing Silktide v4

The latest version of Silktide is a massive upgrade that transforms how effectively you can monitor and manage your websites.

Task management

Silktide now allows you to assign issues to specific users and groups, and track their status.

Users can comment on specific problems, and tag each other to help resolve outstanding issues. We support a range of task management features, including custom tags, statuses, and historical records.


Silktide lets you easily annotate parts of any webpage with a couple of clicks. For example, click on some text in your website and ask “Can we make this heading bigger?”

This creates a task which your team can assign, discuss, and track over time. Annotations are far faster than taking screenshots, creating tickets, and sending emails.

On-demand page testing

You can now test any single webpage just by typing in its address. A single page test typically takes under 30 seconds.

Page testing supports all of our standard tests, and works on HTML pages and PDF documents.


You can now limit what parts of Silktide your individual users can work with. For example, you might choose that editors should see spelling errors, but developers would not.

We include a range of built-in views, and you can create your own. Selected users can even switch between views, so managers can see what their staff are looking at.


Break a single website into as many sections as you want, without needing to retest the website.

Sections can be as simple as web address (e.g. “everything inside example.com/news”), or something more complex, like "all Spanish pages" or "pages using our old CMS".

Monitor your Web Vitals

We’ve rebuilt our speed test to cover the Web Vitals standard used by Google to rank user experience.

You can now define what combination of pages, devices, connection speeds, and locations your audience uses, and measure them over time. We combine the measuring technology of Lighthouse with our Inspector, allowing you to see any issues visually on your pages.

Custom dashboards

You can now build your own custom dashboards from almost any information reported by Silktide.

Simply drag and drop widgets your existing reports onto your own designs. Add new custom components. And assign dashboards to specific users and groups. Dashboards can cover individual websites, or a collection of your websites and sections.

Expanded PDF testing

We’ve substantially expanded our PDF testing, which now checks for spelling, broken links, policies, and much more.

PDFs and their issues are now shown visually in the Inspector, just like regular webpages, with issues listed on the side.  You can also test a PDF on demand, just by typing in its web address.

Host where you want

Customers can now choose to host their data in a specific geographic region. We will initially offer separate clouds for the EU (Ireland) and the US.

Enterprise authentication

We now support a wide range of enterprise SSO authentication providers, including Active Directory, LDAP, ADFS, SAML and more. Available on request.

Permissions and Groups

We’ve added support for industry-standard “RBAC" permissions, which means you can now define groups of users, and give those groups permissions you want. This makes administering lots of users much easier.

You also now have fine-grained control over far more features, including Views, Sections, and Dashboards.

Custom filters

All of our tables now support custom sorting and filters. For example, you could use filters to find "PDFs published after September 2020" or "Pages with an SEO score below 25".

Faster testing

We can test most websites in roughly half the time, and we can test very large websites (100,000 pages+) without reduction in performance.

And lots more

  • Desktop / mobile switch
    The Inspector now lets you swap between desktop and mobile with a click.
  • Multi-account support
    Users can now belong to more than one account, and switch between them.
  • Filter by date
    You can now filter results by custom date ranges, e.g. “last 90 days”.
  • Page scores
    All webpages (including PDFs) now have scores, for all sections.
  • Multi-level decisions
    Decisions can now be made for a Section, a Website, or a whole Account.
  • Configure ahead of time

You can customise all of your configuration before testing a website.

  • Issue zoom

Zoom into small issues in the Inspector.

  • Universal search
    You can now search all of your sections, users, and more from a single place.
  • Faster interface
    Most screens load in less than half of their original time.

Getting access to Silktide v4

We're in the process of rolling out Silktide v4 to our customers.

Due to the magnitude of the changes, some configuration and potentially training may be required. Your Customer Success Manager will contact you to discuss how this will work for you.

Please note that some features listed here may not be available to all customers, depending on your existing contract.

Need extra help?

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