September 6th 2019

Create your own custom checks

Silktide now allows you to create policies – custom checks for your website that you can design yourself. Policies can help you find almost anything, from brand consistency to technical standards:

My policies in Silktide

We also provide a “policy library” of common policies for you to add to your website:

Policy library in Silktide

Some examples of how you might use a policy:

  • Ensure all of your external links open in a new tab
  • Avoid using specific language you find inappropriate
  • Ensure your page titles all match a format you decide on
  • Find all pages missing your latest analytics solution
  • Highlight images that are over a certain size

Policies give you the freedom to define whatever custom checks you want for your websites.

How to use policies

Policies have been in beta for a while and you may already have access to them – look for the “Policies” option in your menu when viewing a website. They were made a standard feature for all new Monitor customers from August 2019.

Customers who signed up before August 2019 may not see this screen by default. Your Customer Success Manager will be contacting you individually to help you set it up, but if you prefer you can contact us to ask about having it immediately.

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